Iggy Azalea: Work


Whatuppers Wurld,

Amethyst Amelia Kelly aka Iggy Azalea‘s back in the “murda bizness” with her new single “Work” off of her upcoming album The New Classic.  The Australian bombshell MC is gearing up for her release on T.I.’s label Grand Hustle/Mercury.  In this video, she pays homage to grinding from scratch and following her dream to achieve success in America.  Born in Sydney, Iggy began her career at age 14 in a “TLC-esque” group, but decided on a solo career and moved to the United States. After stints in Miami, Atlanta and Houston, Ms. Azalea found herself drawn to the entertainment and fashion culture of Los Angeles.

Honing her style here in the City of Angels seems to be the perfect fit for her flamboyance and femme fatale bravado.  It will be interesting to see if her new album will set her apart from her Female Rap Rival, Azealia Banks, whom is known for beefing with everyone in the industry.  Nicki Minaj better watch her back too ’cause Iggy’s coming out sassy this Spring! Peep “Work” and the “Behind the Scenes” videos below and let us know what you think.  One thing for certain is that the newly crowned Face of Levis Jeans” and Wilhelmina Agency Model is definitely getting plenty of “work” and attention in 2013.

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No Doubt: Settle Down

Happy Friday Earthlings,

So, the new No Doubt single has been out for a few weeks now.  Here’s the video for “Settle Down” off of their upcoming album Push and Shove, which is slated to hit cyber shelves September 25th.  Whatcha think about the video and song?  Doesn’t Gwen Stefani and the Boys seem like they are in a physical time warp from 10 years ago?  They look great, and have returned to their signature sound as a group.  Some critics have been saying that it doesn’t sound like anything new, but then again, if they went with a different direction they’d have something awful to say as well.  After their appearance at the Teen Choice Awards a couple weeks ago, it looks like there’s no stopping the group’s fanbase that bridges the gap between young and “older”.  Make sure you catch them during the NFL Kickoff game (Giants vs. Cowboys) on Sept 5th.  Is this song up to your standards for the band?  Let us know what you think…

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M.I.A. : Bad Girls

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Here’s the new long-awaited single from M.I.A Riding the controversial coattails of her  Super Bowl XLVI halftime performance featuring Madonna, M.I.A. finds herself with another catchy chart topper.  The video rolls action packed with clever stunts and neo-middle eastern swagger.  Oh by the way, if you haven’t heard, Madonna isn’t too happy about the M.I.A. incident now known as “Fingergate“.  The Material Girl accepted her apology, but officially stated that M.I.A’s actions went against the positive unified energy of the performance.  The NFL will pass the network fine along to M.I.A.  We smell a publicity stunt, as her single just dropped the week of the Big Game…whatcha think?

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The Throne: Ni**as in Paris

Whatagwan Kinfolk,

Okay, so here it is.  The Throne shot their official video for the club-banger “Ni**as in Paris” at their ridiculous 2-day sold out stop at Staples Center here in LA.  There’s a photo sensitivity disclaimer on this, so epileptics are warned.  Stylistically, this is a fantastic reinterpretation of being at the concert on psychedelics!  Jay & Ye definitely ran things in 2011.  It’s been confirmed by the group that they are ready to put out another album as well as solo releases for 2012.  With over a decade of creative synergy, excellent marketing and brand management, and obviously great respect for one another, there’s no telling what stratosphere they’ll take us this year.

-SwitchFlip Media

Nicki Minaj: Stupid Hoe

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Superbowl Weekend is here!  We will put out a flurry of videos this weekend to keep you amped for the big game.  Ladies First–here’s the new one from Nicki Minaj.  This video has been banned from BET and other networks for being too raunchy.  It’s already at a 22 Million YouTube/Vevo views in it’s first 10 days out.  You know SwitchFlip Media brings you the explicit version, so hide your kids.  YMCMB’s First Lady is addressing y’all “Stupid Hoes“.  *Scratching my head.  More like stupid video and song yo.  Plus ending it with “I am the female Weezy”.  Hmmmmm. duh.