EMINEM: Survival & Bezerk


Whatuppers Wurld,

Eminem’s highly anticipated new album MMLP2 hits cybershelves Nov 5th.  The latest single off of The Marshall Mathers LP2 is called “Survival“.  The video has a Call of Duty feel (a multimedia sponsorship), where Eminem is basically declaring war on Hip-Hop and all MCs/Critics who think he’s gonna fall off the radar anytime soon.  He proclaims that all he has is this “sport”, so he will never put his crown down.  You can hear how invigorated his rap style is now, yet still matured from the Slim Shady days.  Executive Produced by Rick Rubin  (who has been crazy busy this year with Kanye’s Yeezus and Jay-Z’s Magna Carta) we think this album will definitely bring back the swagger that made The Marshall Mathers LP a classic.  SwitchFllip Bonus; we’ve included the lead single “Beserk” with a behind-the-scenes clip as well. Shout out to Rick Rubin and Marshall Mathers for giving a nod to the Rubin-produced Beastie Boys era.  Check out the new videos below and send us some feedback.

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Lollapalooza 2013: Live Stream


Happy Friday Earthlings!

Well, you know it’s the last month of summer when Lollapalooza is in full effect!  For those of you who are unfortunate enough to be in Grant Park (Chicago, IL) you can check out the live streams from their youtube webcast each day!  See below for what’s going on today (Fri. Aug 2nd), and the rest of the weekend links will work on those dates as well.  You can also visit the Lollapalooza website to peep the lineups, etc by clicking the image above. Oh, and you’re welcome!

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DAY 1: Friday Aug 2nd

DAY 2: Sat Aug 3rd

DAY 3: Sun Aug 4th

Coachella 2013: SwitchFlip Essential Guide

Happy Coachella Weekend Earthlings!

No need to say much at all, as everyone knows what’s going on.  Here’s our essential guide to Coachella for 2013.  Check out the Lineup & Set Times, and Survival Guide.   If you can’t make it this year, live stream it by clicking the sunset image below!  Everyone have a blast and stay safe!

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coachella-2013 CoachellaSun

Coachella 2013_Friday




Jack White – I’m Shakin’

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Here’s a new music video from Jack Whites debut solo album Blunderbuss.  Directed by Dori Oskowitz, the treatment is a straight forward rock n roll performance treatment showcasing his new live band.  The twist is that they are battling themselves in his signature “black and blue hue” outfits.  Anything Jack White puts out is beyond clever musically and visually.  If you’ve been to a show since late spring this year, you’ve definitely seen his two new live band lineups, and this one kicks major butt!  You can still catch him at a few US tour dates this month before crossing the pond to UK. He’s gonna crush the Austin City Limits Festival this weekend for sure.  Peep the video below and be sure to pick up his album it wasn’t part of your summer 2012 soundtrack like the 2/3rds of us on planet earth!

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Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes

Whatitdo Wurld,

Flying Lotus dropped another gem last week entitled Until The Quiet Comes.  The first release from the new album is “Getting Thereft. Niki Randa.  In this introspective short film, director Khalil Joseph displays visual cinematography just as stunning as the soundtrack melted around it.  The story behind the four-minute mini movie can be interpreted from various angles, but the message remains fairly clear in summary.  To stream the full album click the image below the film.  Be sure to check Flying Lotus out this month on his North American tour.  He’s gonna be home again (here in LA) blowing minds on Oct 26th at Club Nokia.  Send us some feedback on your interpretation of the short film’s message.

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