Notorious B.I.G. Day: Rest In Peace

Happy Friday Earthlings,

It’s the 15th Anniversary of Christopher Wallace‘s “assassination”. Biggie would turn 40 this May (May 21st to be exact)!  RIP Biggie, we will never forget you.



Notorious BIG: Notorious BIG Day #14

Whatitdo Wurld,

In honor of Notorious BIG Day, we are “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way”.  Click images and check out his video for Juicy (of course), original footage of a Biggie Smalls freestyle‘, and  2011 news update on the slaying.


Notorious BIG: Juicy

Young Biggie: The Origin (Brooklyn Freestyle)

Biggie Smalls: The Origin

Biggie Smalls Death Connected To Death Row Records New Evidence 2011

Notorious BIG--The King