Odd Future: Oldie

Sisters & Bredren,

Odd Future‘s not going anywhere.  OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) is everywhere…literally. For example, they just released their new album The OF Tape Vol. 2, a new comedy show (Loiter Squad) on Adult Swim, touring heavily, opening pop up clothing stores nationwide, and of course the various off shoot groups within the gang are selling mad “records” (downloads).  This time last year a lot of folks were talking about these young cats falling off by now.  Reminiscent of the WuTang Clan (powerful as a group, as well as individual members), check out this impressive posse cut “Oldie. Taken at a photoshoot, just goofing around, you can tell that they still have the comradery of lil young skater dudes causing havoc in the streets of LA.  Love’em or Hate’m, these guys are proving their talent over just hype.  Earl Sweatshirt is back in the fold, establishing his lyrical dominance as one of the most promising young MCs in the game.  Now if they could just grow up n stop hurting themselves and acting like clowns (see all the broken hands in casts?)…oh wait, they are all still under 25…even 21 years old for that matter… #GolfWang!


50 Cent x Eminem: Till I Collapse Remix (Live @ SXSW Austin)

Whatitdo Wurld,

While everyone nurses their SXSW hangover, here’s a special recap of the 50 Cent performance which aired on live FuseTV.   The Shady 2.0 sponsored event highlighted 50 as the headliner, in which he performed  his hit debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying” in it’s entirety. We are digging this particular special surprise of Eminem destroying it with his protege!  Shout out to Slaugtherhouse and Yelawolf.  Get well soon Catfish Billy (Yela), we missed you rockin’ w/ your crew to make the cypher complete.  Shady 2.0 baby, definitely #switchflipcertified.

Miike Snow: The Wave

Hola Personas,

Check out the latest Miike Snow video “The Wave” from their new album Happy To You.  This highly anticipated sophomore full-length hit cyberstores this week (March 13th).  The eclectic trio is currently supporting it by kicking off their road trip and rocking live at SXSW in Austin, TX.  Swedish director Andreas Nilsson gets apocalyptic in theme on this one.  You can catch them on St. Patty’s Day in Vegas, or peep a local show in your town as they tour North America beginning this month.

-SwitchFlip Media

WZRD: Teleport 2 me (Live on Conan)

Whatitdo Wurld,

Well, this is rather interesting.  WZRD (Kid Cudi, and Dot Da Genius’ group project) has finally released their long player about a week ago.  As some of you “Cudder” fans may know, the critics are not being too kind.  There are some great moments on this album, in which the single Teleport 2 Me is definitely one of them.  However, most of it is a bit “experimental” to say the least (due to Cudi’s freshman-like rock guitar prowess). Lots of press has been released about Cudi being upset w/ his label for treating the group as a “side project” and not distributing it as a “real release”.  Well, it’s definitely made it’s mark on Billboard charts already. Here at SwitchFlip, we think it was a good effort and await to see how the live performances are received.  We were not disappointed with their recent live rendition of the single on Conan O’Brien.  Actually, Cudi’s delivery and stage presence really captured the essence of the song and the band’s concept.  Pleasantly surprised, “Teleport 2 Me” is now #SwitchFlip Certified.   What do you think?

-SwitchFlip Media

St. Lucia: We Got It Wrong

Wussdascience Wurld,

Jean-Philip Grobler (aka St. Lucia) has officially signed to Neon Gold Records!  The South African Native definitely has his own distinct take on dance music.  After “coming of age” in the UK and NYC, the Brooklynite is about to drop his debut EP later this month.  The vocalist-producer-instrumentalist has been treacherously remixing for the likes of Club Feet, Charlie XCX and even Foster The People.  Riding a high from St. Lucia’s residency at Pianos last month, we are keeping an eye out on new releases as he builds his blend of upbeat African rhythms and futuristic electro-synth wall of sound.  Click the first image below for his official “We Got It Wrong” video release.  We’ve also included a remix version below (it’s cool to see a remix producer get his own songs remixed).  #SwitchFlip Certified fo shizzle, my nizzles.

-SwitchFlip Media