WZRD: Teleport 2 me (Live on Conan)

Whatitdo Wurld,

Well, this is rather interesting.  WZRD (Kid Cudi, and Dot Da Genius’ group project) has finally released their long player about a week ago.  As some of you “Cudder” fans may know, the critics are not being too kind.  There are some great moments on this album, in which the single Teleport 2 Me is definitely one of them.  However, most of it is a bit “experimental” to say the least (due to Cudi’s freshman-like rock guitar prowess). Lots of press has been released about Cudi being upset w/ his label for treating the group as a “side project” and not distributing it as a “real release”.  Well, it’s definitely made it’s mark on Billboard charts already. Here at SwitchFlip, we think it was a good effort and await to see how the live performances are received.  We were not disappointed with their recent live rendition of the single on Conan O’Brien.  Actually, Cudi’s delivery and stage presence really captured the essence of the song and the band’s concept.  Pleasantly surprised, “Teleport 2 Me” is now #SwitchFlip Certified.   What do you think?

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St. Lucia: We Got It Wrong

Wussdascience Wurld,

Jean-Philip Grobler (aka St. Lucia) has officially signed to Neon Gold Records!  The South African Native definitely has his own distinct take on dance music.  After “coming of age” in the UK and NYC, the Brooklynite is about to drop his debut EP later this month.  The vocalist-producer-instrumentalist has been treacherously remixing for the likes of Club Feet, Charlie XCX and even Foster The People.  Riding a high from St. Lucia’s residency at Pianos last month, we are keeping an eye out on new releases as he builds his blend of upbeat African rhythms and futuristic electro-synth wall of sound.  Click the first image below for his official “We Got It Wrong” video release.  We’ve also included a remix version below (it’s cool to see a remix producer get his own songs remixed).  #SwitchFlip Certified fo shizzle, my nizzles.

-SwitchFlip Media

Yasiin Bey: N****s in Poorest

Happy Leap Year Day,

I’m pretty sure most people know by now that Mos Def has abandoned his stage name as of 2012.  Under the new moniker Yasiin Bey, Mos Def will release new music on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.  Perhaps that statement proves an insight over the whole drama about his version of The Throne’s  “Ni**as in Paris, entitled “N***s in Poorest“.  Very socio-economic and politically driven, this clever song is an “interpolation” of Jay-Z & Kanye‘s big concert anthem.  Released to coincide w/ the 47th anniversary of Malcom X‘s assassination, Yassin kills it with the poignant lyrics in stark contrast to The Throne’s verses.  After reading many debates, we’ve come to the conclusion that we agree most with Young Guru (Jay-Z’s longtime engineer and Philly area native).  Check what he has to say out after the video.  After Yasiin and Talib performed as Black Star on mega-talk shows like The Colbert Report, we know the world is waiting for new Bey/Def & Black Star material this year.  As a #SwitchFlip Certified bonus, we added a new track called “You Already Knew” as well!

-SwitchFlip Media

Beach House: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Whatitdo Wurld,

Various “Indie Inner Circles” confirm Baltimore‘s dynamic duo Beach House will release a new full length album called “Bloom” before Summer 2012!  The highly anticipated follow-up to 2010′s sublime “Teen Dream” is due to hit cyberspace and physical music outlets on May 15th.  We can’t wait for this new Sub Pop masterpiece.  In the interim, here’s a new song they played live in London a few months ago called “I’ll Be Your Mirror.”  Unfortunately, this one will not make the final tracklist of the new record, but you can get the gist of how Beach House has mastered their dreamy sound over the last 2 years of extensive touring.


SwitchFlip Media: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sisters & Bredren,

SwitchFlip is extremely proud and honored to celebrate our 3rd Birthday this week!   Born from the original business “Elix-R Entertainment” in 2006, Damon Howard relocated from the Suburban Philly area to sunny Venice Beach to bring entertainment marketing and music production/promotion to the Westside of Los Angeles.  As the business model organically transformed with the rise of Social Media, our entertainment blog became the “voice” of  SwitchFlip’s movement in 2009.  The newly named SwitchFlip utilized it’s Web Development, SEO and Design skills from various experience working with companies such as The Design People, imForza Internet Marketing, and Smarter Social Media.

Staying true to Damon’s original vision and expertise in music and art, SwitchFlip’s branding and passion tells it all.  Our head honcho’s original “claim to fame” ignited as a sponsored skateboarder (hence logo, G&S, ESA) and signed musician (The Verge, NYC).  “D-How” is now blending his distinctive style & flair into the world of entertainment media. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog over the past 3 years, and continue to support our internet marketing, social media and music production/event promotion services.   Much love to our fanbase and followers…without you, this boat could’ve never set sail. Raise a glass and toast to us this weekend wherever you are!

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SwitchFlip's 3rd Birthday! 2012