Lollapalooza 2013: Live Stream


Happy Friday Earthlings!

Well, you know it’s the last month of summer when Lollapalooza is in full effect!  For those of you who are unfortunate enough to be in Grant Park (Chicago, IL) you can check out the live streams from their youtube webcast each day!  See below for what’s going on today (Fri. Aug 2nd), and the rest of the weekend links will work on those dates as well.  You can also visit the Lollapalooza website to peep the lineups, etc by clicking the image above. Oh, and you’re welcome!

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DAY 1: Friday Aug 2nd

DAY 2: Sat Aug 3rd

DAY 3: Sun Aug 4th

Dr. Dre & Snoop: 2Pac Hologram performance at Coachella 2012

Whatido Wurld,

As most of us on Planet Earth has heard or seen by now, Dre & Snoop have outdone themselves w/ their performance at Weekend 1 of Coachella 2012.  Yes, the 2Pac Hologram was even more exciting “live” than any of these videos can do justice!  The surprise “performance” of “Hip Hop’s Elvis” was bittersweet to say the least.  It really looked and sounded like Pac….to the point that many of us old enough to remember Mid 90’s performances by these guys together would’ve sworn they’ve been “quantum leaped” back through time.  SwitchFlip was lucky enough to witness this spectacle from the VIP section, which was the greatest finale concert performance of the year thus far (in our opinion). To see these guys perform “Deep Cover” (their initial hit song 20 years later) and witnessing them command the masses alongside special guest Eminem…not sure if anything else would’ve made Coachella 2012 complete.

Ed Ulbrich (Chief Creative Officer of Digital Domain) described their hologram creation as “most complicated thing that can be done” when fusing synthetic human beings with live performance technology.  Ulbrich goes on to say that Dr. Dre has a massive vision for using holograms in the future.  Although the “cat’s out of the bag” for Weekend 2 Coachella peeps, this will still blow you away when you see it w/ your own eyes.  Snoop & Dre are already planning to include Hologram 2Pacon a limited tour alongside Eminem, 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa.  As the industry awaits a release date for Dr. Dre’s Detox, instead of holding your breath for the album, enjoy these new technological wonders Andre Young (Dre) has blessed us with in the form of Dr. Dre Beats headphones and now the first of many holograms to come!  Long live 2Pac!

#SwitchFlipCertified PS:  Peep the full length Snoop & Dre performance below as a bonus.  SwitchFlip had to throw in Eminem’s as well.  We are gonna start saving up in case there’s a 2Pac, Biggie, Michael Jackson Hologram Tour w/ DJ Marvin Gaye (backed by Ray Charles on the keys).

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Santigold – Disparate Youth


Santigold came back hard with this one!  This is definitely on the weekend soundtrack here at SwitchFlip Headquarters (Venice Beach, CA). “Master of My Own Make Believe” drops May 1st.  The visuals and the song’s message are equally prevalent.  If your feelin’ this video single, pick up the mp3 here.  We are so happy to have artists like Santigold and MIA bringin’ it back w/ the ILL Girl Power.  You can see her “subliminally” go at the throats of pop music’s darlings (click “big mouth” image below as well).  Yup, Shut It Down, girlfriend!

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Shoot a Hole into the Sun

Sisters & Bredren,

Noel Gallagher put out a sweet record last fall with his new band High Flying Birds.  The former Oasis hitmaker has branched out by working with several other artists who are expanding the boundaries of their staple Brit Pop sound.  Collaborating w/ Amorphous Androgynous, Big Bro Gallagher unleashes a new single “Shoot a Hole into the Sun” which hits stores March 11th. it’s  backed with a b-side  “Dream On“.  To all of our Indie fans, this one is #SwitchFlip Certified fo sho!

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Beach House: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Whatitdo Wurld,

Various “Indie Inner Circles” confirm Baltimore‘s dynamic duo Beach House will release a new full length album called “Bloom” before Summer 2012!  The highly anticipated follow-up to 2010′s sublime “Teen Dream” is due to hit cyberspace and physical music outlets on May 15th.  We can’t wait for this new Sub Pop masterpiece.  In the interim, here’s a new song they played live in London a few months ago called “I’ll Be Your Mirror.”  Unfortunately, this one will not make the final tracklist of the new record, but you can get the gist of how Beach House has mastered their dreamy sound over the last 2 years of extensive touring.