The Throne: Ni**as in Paris

Whatagwan Kinfolk,

Okay, so here it is.  The Throne shot their official video for the club-banger “Ni**as in Paris” at their ridiculous 2-day sold out stop at Staples Center here in LA.  There’s a photo sensitivity disclaimer on this, so epileptics are warned.  Stylistically, this is a fantastic reinterpretation of being at the concert on psychedelics!  Jay & Ye definitely ran things in 2011.  It’s been confirmed by the group that they are ready to put out another album as well as solo releases for 2012.  With over a decade of creative synergy, excellent marketing and brand management, and obviously great respect for one another, there’s no telling what stratosphere they’ll take us this year.

-SwitchFlip Media

Notorious BIG: Notorious BIG Day #14

Whatitdo Wurld,

In honor of Notorious BIG Day, we are “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way”.  Click images and check out his video for Juicy (of course), original footage of a Biggie Smalls freestyle‘, and  2011 news update on the slaying.


Notorious BIG: Juicy

Young Biggie: The Origin (Brooklyn Freestyle)

Biggie Smalls: The Origin

Biggie Smalls Death Connected To Death Row Records New Evidence 2011

Notorious BIG--The King

Flying Lotus – Massage Situation


Here’s one of our favorite chillout Flying Lotus joints.  This is one of LA‘s most creative and original forces.  Be sure to catch him in your town when possible.  Look out for all of his Brainfeeder artists too.  The label is ridiculous.  Aiiight Sunday Funday after this Massage Situation,  let’s get it!


Flying Lotus: Massage Situation Video (click)


Lil Wayne – Green & Yellow

Ayo Wurld,

We gonna throw you a bone before we get into Steeler Nation mode.  May the best team win.  Here you go.  Lil Weezy’s “freestyle”…um..freestyle of Wiz’ Khalifa’s “Black n Yellow”.  Same cadence and syllable count almost.  Anyhow, it flows well.  As this SUPERBOWL will.  Just remember who’s been there and won 6 TIMES already!!  Stairway to Seven….Black n Yellow x4  The Original.

Enjoy Cheeseheads,