Bad Meets Evil: Lighters & Life in The Fast Lane

Eminem & Royce the 5’9 are definitely in the same league as Jay-Z &  Kanye West when it comes to pure mic skills.  Here at SwitchFlip we have a lot of conversation about the best SuperDuo out at the moment.  The Throne was definitely “televised” last week.  Jay & Ye killed the internet & radio airwaves, as well as the music & sales charts (now officially “Gold”, selling over 600K copies in 2 weeks).  After all the dust clears, let’s see what you decide.  Here’s Bad Meets Evil’s latest video “Lighters”, which may go way in the pop direction but is a strong song, which will climb the charts so they can actually be a contestant to Watch The Throne.  If you need a lil more boom bap and lyrical dexterity, then I’d suggest peeping this first single (below) “Life in the Fast Lane” again from the beginning of summer.  Who do you think’s the strongest SuperDuo, The Throne or Bad Meets Evil?  Let us know your thoughts….


Eminem: Shady 2.0 Boyz (Feat. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Tsunami Warnings out here on the West Coast?!?!

Shady 2.0 Boys is Eminem‘s new collective.  Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf rounds out the crew.  This new single, produced by Will Power & Eminem is gonna be a problem!  Em, Royce, Joell Ortiz & Yela all on the same track?!?!   Shout out to Yelawolf for opening his verse w/ this killer line: I got Jim Beam in the liver, gettin head like clean clippers, haters on my di$k like a jean zipper!!

What a way to jumpstart the weekend with some dangerous music to match the Tsunami watch….enjoy!


Shady 2.0 Boyz

Lil Wayne & Eminem Live: “No Love” On SNL [Saturday Night Live]

Lil Wayne & Eminem perform “No Love” on Saturday Night Live 1 week before Xmas 2010!  This song is actually off of Em’s latest album (Recovery) which has to be considered a classic.  Big Ups to Em’s 10 Grammy Nominations too. Anyhow Weezy is back strong, outta jail, trying to reclaim his hip hop throne. Eminem literally kills this track….he really puts MCs to shame when you see him perform live side by side.  Weezy’s new track called “Six Foot Seven (6’7”) has just dropped and it will be a big smash like “A Milli“….lookout for his Tha Carter 4 album early 2011.  We’ll post that new single this week as well.


Kanye West: MTV VMA 2010 Performance of “Runaway”

Kanye West Live at MTV "Runaway" (click)


Shout out to the MTV Video Awards this year, it actually wasn’t that bad surprisingly.  Eminem opened and killed it, before whisking off on a private jet to meet Jiggaman in NYC (home and home tour/concert).  The highlight of the night was Kanye West’s closing performance of “Runaway“. This is as brand new song he introduced to the world featuring Pusha T of Clipse. Ye’s “cherry” suit and those licorice kicks were kinda too much, but the contrast against white background and the ballet singers set it off tight!  You make the call…click the image and peep the performance. the buzz over at MTV is that this may be one of Kanye’s best singles ever. I’m not sure, but it is damn catchy.  The performance seemed to be a response to last year’s “nightmare” via Taylor Swift acceptance speech.  But if you really listen to the lyrics a few times, it’s not a shot at her at all. It’s just a play on the lyrics.  Anyhow, the stark contrast of the White backdrop and the single column holding the MPC symbolized West’s situation “me against the world”.  I could’ve done w/o the autotune harmony at the end, but the cool samples he was doing on stage added some spice to the song.  Note: the real single has no autotune, nor the cool samples.  Let us know what you think…..our crew is very excited for the full length album to drop. It’s hard to knock his talent.  Let’s toast to the douchebags and assholes!


Eminem and Jay-Z – Renegade LIVE (DAVID LETTERMAN)

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Earthlings!

Have Fun, be safe, enjoy your last weekend of summer!

Westside Warriors….it’s First Friday on Abbot Kinney to start the beach weekend off right.

Like Em & Jay, “I’m a Renegade!”

…let’s get it!


Em on Letterman…haha!