Jay-Z and Kanye: H.A.M from upcoming “Watch The Throne” EP

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Kanye West &  Jay-Z  release “H.A.M.” from their upcoming killer E.P. called “Watch The Throne“.  This will be Epic & Treacherous for sure. Just when you thought these 2 couldn’t reach for the sky any higher….this is definitely interplanetary!  Click image, “LIKE” it and peep it at the FB link…remember, you’ve dialed into SwitchFlip first! You know we hold you down on the greatest, and perhaps latest. Whatcha Think?  Comments are always welcome…


Jay-Z and Kanye West "Watch The Throne"


Kanye West – Runaway (Full-length Film) & “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Teaser

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We are excited for the release of Kanye’s release of “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” tomorrow (Nov 22nd).  As we’ve all heard a massive amount of bangers he put out as the Good Fridays series, now it’s time for the complete album.  Most of the tracks have been leaked already, but still, this album should shut a whole lot of mofos up for sure.  Here’s the track listing below.  

Also, if you have a half an hour or so, check out the short film “Runaway” written by Hype Williams and Directed by Kanye. The cinematography and direction is sweet, but the acting is less than desirable.  Actress/Model Selita Ebanks is smokin’ hot!


“My Dark Twisted Fantasy” Tracklist: (All Produced by Kanye, with some Co-Production credits)

Dark Fantasy” is co-produced by RZA, with additional production by Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker.

Gorgeous” is co-produced by Mike Dean.

Power” is co-produced by S1, with additional production by Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker and Andrew Dawson.

All of the Lights” is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.

Monster” features additional production by Mike Dean and Plain Pat.

So Appalled” is co-production by No I.D., with additional production by Mike Dean.

Devil In A New Dress” is produced by Bink!, with additional production by Mike Dean.

Runaway” is co-produced by Emile, Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean.

Hell of a Life” is co-produced by Mike Caren, No I.D. and Mike Dean.

Blame Game” is co-produced by DJ Frank E, with additional production by Mike Dean.

Lost In The World” is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.

Kanye West: MTV VMA 2010 Performance of “Runaway”

Kanye West Live at MTV "Runaway" (click)


Shout out to the MTV Video Awards this year, it actually wasn’t that bad surprisingly.  Eminem opened and killed it, before whisking off on a private jet to meet Jiggaman in NYC (home and home tour/concert).  The highlight of the night was Kanye West’s closing performance of “Runaway“. This is as brand new song he introduced to the world featuring Pusha T of Clipse. Ye’s “cherry” suit and those licorice kicks were kinda too much, but the contrast against white background and the ballet singers set it off tight!  You make the call…click the image and peep the performance. the buzz over at MTV is that this may be one of Kanye’s best singles ever. I’m not sure, but it is damn catchy.  The performance seemed to be a response to last year’s “nightmare” via Taylor Swift acceptance speech.  But if you really listen to the lyrics a few times, it’s not a shot at her at all. It’s just a play on the lyrics.  Anyhow, the stark contrast of the White backdrop and the single column holding the MPC symbolized West’s situation “me against the world”.  I could’ve done w/o the autotune harmony at the end, but the cool samples he was doing on stage added some spice to the song.  Note: the real single has no autotune, nor the cool samples.  Let us know what you think…..our crew is very excited for the full length album to drop. It’s hard to knock his talent.  Let’s toast to the douchebags and assholes!


Video: Kanye Spits Acapellas @ Facebook HQ

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This just in (well…late last week..but a good monday post): Kanye spits some Acapellas at Facebook and Twitter headquarters to preview some lyrics from his upcoming album tentatively titled “Good Ass Job“.

Lemme know what you think.  Oh, and his blog has some great art/models on it. Click “blog” above yo.