Kanye West: MTV VMA 2010 Performance of “Runaway”

Kanye West Live at MTV "Runaway" (click)


Shout out to the MTV Video Awards this year, it actually wasn’t that bad surprisingly.  Eminem opened and killed it, before whisking off on a private jet to meet Jiggaman in NYC (home and home tour/concert).  The highlight of the night was Kanye West’s closing performance of “Runaway“. This is as brand new song he introduced to the world featuring Pusha T of Clipse. Ye’s “cherry” suit and those licorice kicks were kinda too much, but the contrast against white background and the ballet singers set it off tight!  You make the call…click the image and peep the performance. the buzz over at MTV is that this may be one of Kanye’s best singles ever. I’m not sure, but it is damn catchy.  The performance seemed to be a response to last year’s “nightmare” via Taylor Swift acceptance speech.  But if you really listen to the lyrics a few times, it’s not a shot at her at all. It’s just a play on the lyrics.  Anyhow, the stark contrast of the White backdrop and the single column holding the MPC symbolized West’s situation “me against the world”.  I could’ve done w/o the autotune harmony at the end, but the cool samples he was doing on stage added some spice to the song.  Note: the real single has no autotune, nor the cool samples.  Let us know what you think…..our crew is very excited for the full length album to drop. It’s hard to knock his talent.  Let’s toast to the douchebags and assholes!


Jay-Z (featuring Rihanna & Kanye West)”Run This Town” video premiere on MTV News

Sup World,

Man, this is pretty schawingin’ for sure!  Jay-Z’s new highly anticipated “Blueprint: 3″ album is about to drop this September 11th, 2009. So to kick it off with the first “official” video, he enlists his long time director Anthony Mandler to create a lovely “Warriors- meets -Mad Max -and a sprinkle of -300″ video that really matches the strength of the Kanye West/No.ID produced track “Run This Town”.  Jay-Z gives the people what the want with this one, yo.  Rihanna tears it up as always, and Kanye plays the background in the video, but daaaayyiimm, he blessed that track with his bars….keep yo’ game tight new young rappers……better step it up or step away, ’cause the Roc is back in the building!

Oh, PS: I was just kicking it with Director Anthony Mandler and Asst Director Jonas Morales in Venice Beach last night over dinner and we know about all you haters posting Haterade all over the internet talkin’ shiznit out there….beware…the authorities are on your trail and we gonna quash y’all fools fo sho!

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Happy Weekend…from the SwitchFlip Staff


Jay-Z "Run This Town". photo courtesy of roc-a-fella records

Jay-Z "Run This Town". photo courtesy of roc-a-fella records (click photo for mtv video link)