Odd Future: Oldie

Sisters & Bredren,

Odd Future‘s not going anywhere.  OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) is everywhere…literally. For example, they just released their new album The OF Tape Vol. 2, a new comedy show (Loiter Squad) on Adult Swim, touring heavily, opening pop up clothing stores nationwide, and of course the various off shoot groups within the gang are selling mad “records” (downloads).  This time last year a lot of folks were talking about these young cats falling off by now.  Reminiscent of the WuTang Clan (powerful as a group, as well as individual members), check out this impressive posse cut “Oldie. Taken at a photoshoot, just goofing around, you can tell that they still have the comradery of lil young skater dudes causing havoc in the streets of LA.  Love’em or Hate’m, these guys are proving their talent over just hype.  Earl Sweatshirt is back in the fold, establishing his lyrical dominance as one of the most promising young MCs in the game.  Now if they could just grow up n stop hurting themselves and acting like clowns (see all the broken hands in casts?)…oh wait, they are all still under 25…even 21 years old for that matter… #GolfWang!


Game: Martians Vs. Goblins

WhatsCrackin’ Kindreds,

You know that Game keeps it straight Westside, like it or not.  A consistent unit mover via soundscan, Compton’s Game somehow flies under the radar when the critics speak on the best rappers alive.  Perhaps he’s just too gangsta in real life…it scares folks.  They like that “Fake Gangsta” posturing.  So, on a lighter video/song from Game, check out Martians vs. Goblins from his latest release “The R.E.D. Album” which was released last fall.  Here he teams up w/ Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator, and Weezy on the hook.  Tyler’s proper debut album release was entitled “Goblin”, and Weezy is a self proclaimed “Martian”.  Game gels it all together with this song and video.


Odd Future: Rella

Happy Friday Earthlings!

Last week Odd Future dropped a new hilarious video for “Rella,” the first video single off of their new album The OF Tape Vol. 2  which hits cyberstores March 20th.  If you are an OFWGKTA fan, you can catch them on their national US Tour starting  3/20 in Tempe AZ.  Also, they will have a silly spoof comedy called Loiter Squad  premiering March 25th on Adult Swim .  #Golf Wang!

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Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator

Loiter Squad Trailer

Earl Sweatshirt: EARL

Happy Friday Earthlings!

Earl Sweatshirt is the youngest and probably the nicest emcee in the Wolf Gang (Odd Future).  I hope he’s out of boarding school for the summer and rippin’ mics again…cause he’s gonna be a monster!  Tyler the Creator (the group’s leader) dropped his album “Goblin” last month and garnished some critical acclaim. Once that official OFWGKTA album drops, these LA kids will have the industry on lockdown.

Note: this may be disturbing to some peeps (video), but it’s all just imagery.  I guess Earl’s mom didn’t think so…  Free Earl!  But don’t dis his mom..I don’t blame her after seeing this video.


Earl Sweatshirt "Earl" video

OFWGKTA’s Tyler The Creator: Yonkers

Happy Friday Earthlings:

Odd Future (OFWGKTA) is one of the most promising and hyped new skewl acts changing the game right now.  Although the content is kinda “sketchy”, the Cali collective is light years ahead of the so-called “creativity” out at the moment.  Their leader, Tyler the Creator, has dropped the first “proper” label album “Goblin”  as a solo artist, but believe this…it’s a total representation of the “Wolf Gang“.  Oh yeah, did we mention these cats are between the ages of 17-21?!?  Odd Future Wolf Gang….watch for them.  More posts and news to come about this collective.  To us here at  TheSwitchFlip…it’s like a new Wu-Tang-meets-The Pharcyde.  

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Tyler The Creator’s “GOBLIN”

"GOBLIN" by Tyler The Creator OFWGKTA