Santigold – Disparate Youth


Santigold came back hard with this one!  This is definitely on the weekend soundtrack here at SwitchFlip Headquarters (Venice Beach, CA). “Master of My Own Make Believe” drops May 1st.  The visuals and the song’s message are equally prevalent.  If your feelin’ this video single, pick up the mp3 here.  We are so happy to have artists like Santigold and MIA bringin’ it back w/ the ILL Girl Power.  You can see her “subliminally” go at the throats of pop music’s darlings (click “big mouth” image below as well).  Yup, Shut It Down, girlfriend!

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Odd Future: Rella

Happy Friday Earthlings!

Last week Odd Future dropped a new hilarious video for “Rella,” the first video single off of their new album The OF Tape Vol. 2  which hits cyberstores March 20th.  If you are an OFWGKTA fan, you can catch them on their national US Tour starting  3/20 in Tempe AZ.  Also, they will have a silly spoof comedy called Loiter Squad  premiering March 25th on Adult Swim .  #Golf Wang!

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Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator

Loiter Squad Trailer

WZRD: Brake


It’s been a while since “Cudder” put out something that we really stand behind here at the SwitchFlip Headquarters.  However, this WZRD project shows CuDi’s growth by collaborating with Dot Da Genius and floating into uncharted rock territory.  This recording of “Brake” sounds a bit live and the immediacy of the track n vocals give it an edgy sound.  We heard they’ve released the track list to their upcoming debut album aptly titled after their band name.  Let’s cross our fingers for a “pushed back” February 2012 release.

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Baths: Lovely Bloodflow

Whatido Wurld,

Shout out to my bro Nobody Famous for rekindling us w/ the music of “Baths” 2010 release “Cerulean“.  Will Wisenfeld  (aka Baths) is a local SoCal LA native whom used the moniker “Post-Foetus” back in 2009-2010 with his itunes release “The Fabric” and Low End Theory performances  here in LA. This young hipster’s style is an experimental chillwave ambient hip hop style ala Flying Lotus-meets –Washed Out. Perhaps even his rarely oft falsetto is reminiscent of D’Angelo sippin’ that purp underwater.  Peep the story in the’s really fresh how the message is separate from the music, yet it still blends well simultaneously. #SwitchFlipCertified for shizzle.


Raekwon: Rich & Black (f/ Nas)

Wuss Da Science Wurld,

Raekwon’sRich & Black” video featuring Nas is surely a summer banger.  Nas has been on fire lately, as we anticipate his new album coming out later this year.  Glad to see real hip hop still at the forefront of the game…it’s too easy to decipher the “Pop” from the “True School“.