SwitchFlip Media: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sisters & Bredren,

SwitchFlip is extremely proud and honored to celebrate our 3rd Birthday this week!   Born from the original business “Elix-R Entertainment” in 2006, Damon Howard relocated from the Suburban Philly area to sunny Venice Beach to bring entertainment marketing and music production/promotion to the Westside of Los Angeles.  As the business model organically transformed with the rise of Social Media, our entertainment blog became the “voice” of  SwitchFlip’s movement in 2009.  The newly named SwitchFlip utilized it’s Web Development, SEO and Design skills from various experience working with companies such as The Design People, imForza Internet Marketing, and Smarter Social Media.

Staying true to Damon’s original vision and expertise in music and art, SwitchFlip’s branding and passion tells it all.  Our head honcho’s original “claim to fame” ignited as a sponsored skateboarder (hence logo, G&S, ESA) and signed musician (The Verge, NYC).  “D-How” is now blending his distinctive style & flair into the world of entertainment media. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog over the past 3 years, and continue to support our internet marketing, social media and music production/event promotion services.   Much love to our fanbase and followers…without you, this boat could’ve never set sail. Raise a glass and toast to us this weekend wherever you are!

Cheers & Salutations,

-SwitchFlip Media

SwitchFlip's 3rd Birthday! 2012


The Bullitts f/ Lucy Liu & Jay Electronica: “Close Your Eyes” Live Studio Session

Whatitdo Wurld,

The Bullitts featuring Lucy Liu and Jay Electronica perform “Close Your Eyes” for Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 studio session earlier this month

Here’s “Landspeed“.  Sounds like a TV On The Radio & Kanye West studio session..

Game ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell: Aint No Doubt About it

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Game steps it up w/ a great party vibe on this banger “Ain’t No Doubt About It“, featuring Pharrell and JT.  The formula of these 3 cool cats is perfect, and the setting of the video feels like a great “baller status” holiday vacation.  This song should be released on the long awaited, yet highly anticipated “The R.E.D. Album” later next month (Aug 23rd).  Yeah this joint is 100% SwitchFlip Certified. Very Playeriffic!


OFWGKTA’s Tyler The Creator: Yonkers

Happy Friday Earthlings:

Odd Future (OFWGKTA) is one of the most promising and hyped new skewl acts changing the game right now.  Although the content is kinda “sketchy”, the Cali collective is light years ahead of the so-called “creativity” out at the moment.  Their leader, Tyler the Creator, has dropped the first “proper” label album “Goblin”  as a solo artist, but believe this…it’s a total representation of the “Wolf Gang“.  Oh yeah, did we mention these cats are between the ages of 17-21?!?  Odd Future Wolf Gang….watch for them.  More posts and news to come about this collective.  To us here at  TheSwitchFlip…it’s like a new Wu-Tang-meets-The Pharcyde.  

SwitchFlip Certified for Shizzle!


Tyler The Creator’s “GOBLIN”

"GOBLIN" by Tyler The Creator OFWGKTA

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Shout out to my brother, collaborator and co-hort, Assistant Director Jonas “Making Moves” Morales on this one!  He’s on fire right now w/ the music videos, and you know SwitchFlip loves the use of  Hi-Tech QR Codes!  Lupe’s lyrics are so ridiculous in this one….you gotta listen.  “Words I Never Said” features the new “hottie” artist Skylar Grey as well.   Dopeness!


Lupe Fiasco "Words I Never Said" Video (click)