M.I.A. : Bad Girls

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Here’s the new long-awaited single from M.I.A Riding the controversial coattails of her  Super Bowl XLVI halftime performance featuring Madonna, M.I.A. finds herself with another catchy chart topper.  The video rolls action packed with clever stunts and neo-middle eastern swagger.  Oh by the way, if you haven’t heard, Madonna isn’t too happy about the M.I.A. incident now known as “Fingergate“.  The Material Girl accepted her apology, but officially stated that M.I.A’s actions went against the positive unified energy of the performance.  The NFL will pass the network fine along to M.I.A.  We smell a publicity stunt, as her single just dropped the week of the Big Game…whatcha think?

-SwitchFlip Media

Nas: Nasty live on Jimmy Fallon

Whatitdo Wurld,

Woah, that was a great Super Bowl!  Since I roll w/ my NYC posse out here in LA, you know we had to represent lovely.  Manning proved that he is an elite QB!  While Brady gets to take home Gisele, Giants take home the trophy this year!  Check it Nas; Queensbridge’s God Son KILLS it w/ The Legendary Roots CrewNYC & Philly represent, represent ‘sent.  Keepin’ it old school…Yes Yes Y’all!


David Dallas – Til Tomorrow

Whatitdo Wurld,

This video for Til Tomorrow is pretty cool.  It’s like an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.



David Dallas – Til Tomorrow from Special Problems on Vimeo.

Foo Fighters: Rope


We just can’t get enough of this new Foo Fighters‘  record “Wasting Light“.  It’s SwitchFlip Certified w/ Honors. I mean…the boys go hard on this one!  Pat Smear is back w/ the band for touring (we miss his zany guitar slingin’). Did you see their live performance on Letterman? Note to all you Real FF Heads: Be sure to check out the new VH1 Documentary on the gang this Friday, April 8th!



Foo Fighters' "Rope" video

Duran Duran : Billboard.com Interview

Whatitdo My Lovelies,

Shout out to my “old skewl” east coast schoolmate M. Tye Comer over at Billboard.com for this insightful interview of a highly rejuvenated Duran Duran.  The new record is a true “return to form” for all your DD heads out there. Producer Mark Ronson brought them back to that “Rio” sound most of us love…and plenty of us hate to admit we dig (lol).

New Heads, they’re even talk about working w/ Kanye West in the future! ‘Ye better take that call if it comes in, no doubt.   Check out the rest of Mr. Comer’s interviews here at Billboard.com (click).


Duran Duran at SXSW

Duran Duran at SXSW (click for interview)