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Whatuppers Wurld,

We are proud to announce our new food hospitality and entertainment client 8th & Union Kitchen.  Our very own resident musician/promoter/ Damon R. Howard will be manning the digital turntables and directing the entertainment ambiance. Using his nationally known moniker (LA’s DJ DameDigi), he teams up with the new restaurant’s creator & longtime friend (owner/chef Brian Ashby) at 8th & Union Kitchen located in the Suburban Philadelphia area.  These two have a track record of success from similar stints in West Hollywood and Venice Beach‘s chic restaurant/bar scene circa 2011-2013.  Opening Week kicked off on April 20th, so you should come check out the scrumptious menu and stellar grooves as this is the first official weekend!

About the Restaurant:

8th & Union Kitchen is a Southeast Asian inspired restaurant located in Wilmington, Delaware’s Little Italy neighborhood. The menu showcases the deep and bright flavors of Thailand and Vietnam among many countries that influence our chef. We use contemporary techniques to prepare coconut based curries, pho, dumplings, summer rolls, salads, and small plates.  The beverage program offers traditional, house, and Tiki cocktails that play into the southeast asian theme. There are 14 beers on draft, some craft, some domestic with a moderately priced small distribution wine selection.

-SwitchFlip Media


20 Banging Questions for the Drum Addict: An Interview w/ Yael (pt.1)

20 Banging Questions for the Drum Addict:  An Interview with Yael (pt.1)

It all comes down to passion.  At SwitchFlip we focus on people who follow their passion—it’s the reason they get up in the morning, and it’s what makes it all worth it at the end of the day.  Yael, a self-confessed “Drum Addict, was lucky enough to figure this out early, as a teenager in NYC.  Her passion for the drums took her on the road, opening for some of the biggest names in rock music, and, in the process, demolishing the silly notion that “girls can’t drum”. And passion is definitely the motivation behind her latest and perhaps most ambitious endeavor: The Love Project.

Yael: the Drum Addict photo by Matt Connors/Remo

The Questions are below..come on you can do it…click the little blue link…lol.

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Big Sean: Finally Famous

Happy Weekend Wurld,

Summer is in full effect, and Detroit’s  Big Sean is “Finally Famous“.  The G.O.O.D. music signee (Kanye’s label) has one of the most anticipated albums of the year so far, and it sounds to me like he delivered a pretty dope project.  There’s definitely some great cuts on here!  Loads of good featured guests (ie. Lupe, Kanye, Pusha T, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross).  I like the Pharrell joint. But you can definitely hear those ‘Ye drums on a few of these, which will give any decent rapper extra wings!

Let us know what you think…peep the full album stream below.  And, No, this isn’t Drake.


Big Sean "Finally Famous" out June 28th

OFWGKTA’s Tyler The Creator: Yonkers

Happy Friday Earthlings:

Odd Future (OFWGKTA) is one of the most promising and hyped new skewl acts changing the game right now.  Although the content is kinda “sketchy”, the Cali collective is light years ahead of the so-called “creativity” out at the moment.  Their leader, Tyler the Creator, has dropped the first “proper” label album “Goblin”  as a solo artist, but believe this…it’s a total representation of the “Wolf Gang“.  Oh yeah, did we mention these cats are between the ages of 17-21?!?  Odd Future Wolf Gang….watch for them.  More posts and news to come about this collective.  To us here at  TheSwitchFlip…it’s like a new Wu-Tang-meets-The Pharcyde.  

SwitchFlip Certified for Shizzle!


Tyler The Creator’s “GOBLIN”

"GOBLIN" by Tyler The Creator OFWGKTA

The Black Eyed Peas: Don’t Stop The Party

WhatitDo Wurld,

Although my personal relationship with The Black Eyed Peas  has been really cool (I hung w/ them backstage and followed them on their Elephunk/N.E.R.D tour 5 years ago), I think they are so “Internationally Gigantor“, I’m not able to follow what they are doing musically anymore.  However, they KEEP the crowds jumpin’ and dancin’, and I guess that’s the most important thing in music…communicating w/ others.  That being said…as I scratch my’s more dance music for all of you B.E.P. fans!  There so many of you too…this “Don’t Stop The Party” video is literally only 1 week old and already 3 Million Views……cha-ching!

-dj damedigi

Black Eyed Peas "Don't Stop The Party" video