Das Racist: Brand New Dance


Brooklyn’s “Alt-Hop” group Das Racist has a new video-single “Brand New Dance“.  They’ve been burning up the underground since 2010 with the release of their mixtapes Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man.  In  late 2011, they made a real professional splash by dropping the album Relax. Heems, Kool A.D., and hypeman Dap are well known for their unconventional yet humorous hipster approach to the indie hip-hop genre.  These cats are basically a multi-media art project (releasing mixtapes, videos, 8 bit video games and blog editorials).  They’ve been getting a lot of love from the big dogs (Spin, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork).  Keep your eye out for these crazy characters in 2012.

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Das Racist "Relax"

Keith Richards: Happy 68th Birthday

Sisters n Bredren,

Let’s all give The Rolling Stones‘ co-founder and chief gunslinger Keith Richards a 68th Birthday Wish!  We all know his story, and if you don’t,  we’ll let these flurry of interviews, documentaries and performances educate you.  A special “shout out” to local SwitchFlip friend Ester Brym of Brym Productions who shot this amazing footage of Johnny Depp and Keith Richards on stage in NYC!


Keith Richards & Johnny Depp (Rum Diaries afterparty Oct 2011)

Keith Richards Documentary pt.1 “Life”

Keith Richards Documentary pt.2 “Life”

Keith Richards’ life set to “Happy”

Keith Richards interview on Andrew Marr Show (2010)

Keith Richards “Run Run Rudolph”

Keith Richards Portraits w/ John Lee Hooker’s “Crawlin Kingsnake”

Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton (audio not sync’d but great footage)

Arcade Fire: Grammy Performance 2011

Arcade Fire won “Album Of The Year” for their album “The Suburbs“.  Here’s there performance at the Feb 2011 Grammys.


“Ready To Start”

Win Butler opens with “Businessmen they drink my blood. Like the Kids in Art School said they would“.   So I guess I’ll just begin again.  You say “Can we still be friends”.