St Patty’s Day Venice Art Crawl: at Nikki’s Venice Beach

St. Patty’s Day is special for Madpropsart!   We are back on the LA Art Showcase circuit beginning w/ the Venice Art Crawl on St. Patty’s Day, March 17, 2011.  Fresh Art and Dope music at Nikki‘s tonight starting 7pm!   SwitchFlip and Madpropsart will be kicking it in Full GangGreen mode.  Click images to access websites.  Please come check out the new paintings by Scott Simon and support your local artists!

Let’s Get “Lucky” tonight!

-SwitchFlip at Nikki's for Venice Art Crawl


Venice Art Crawl Website


Notorious BIG: Notorious BIG Day #14

Whatitdo Wurld,

In honor of Notorious BIG Day, we are “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way”.  Click images and check out his video for Juicy (of course), original footage of a Biggie Smalls freestyle‘, and  2011 news update on the slaying.


Notorious BIG: Juicy

Young Biggie: The Origin (Brooklyn Freestyle)

Biggie Smalls: The Origin

Biggie Smalls Death Connected To Death Row Records New Evidence 2011

Notorious BIG--The King

TRON: LEGACY – Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”

Whatido Wurld,

Ummm…..I don’t even know what to say, so Geeked out right now…..this is Xmas for us Hipster Nerds!  Be sure to peep Tron Legacy  this weekend (Fri Dec 17th).  Shout out to Daft Punk on the Score…it’s gonna be incredible~




Kanye West – Runaway (Full-length Film) & “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Teaser

Happy Monday Eh,

We are excited for the release of Kanye’s release of “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” tomorrow (Nov 22nd).  As we’ve all heard a massive amount of bangers he put out as the Good Fridays series, now it’s time for the complete album.  Most of the tracks have been leaked already, but still, this album should shut a whole lot of mofos up for sure.  Here’s the track listing below.  

Also, if you have a half an hour or so, check out the short film “Runaway” written by Hype Williams and Directed by Kanye. The cinematography and direction is sweet, but the acting is less than desirable.  Actress/Model Selita Ebanks is smokin’ hot!


“My Dark Twisted Fantasy” Tracklist: (All Produced by Kanye, with some Co-Production credits)

Dark Fantasy” is co-produced by RZA, with additional production by Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker.

Gorgeous” is co-produced by Mike Dean.

Power” is co-produced by S1, with additional production by Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker and Andrew Dawson.

All of the Lights” is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.

Monster” features additional production by Mike Dean and Plain Pat.

So Appalled” is co-production by No I.D., with additional production by Mike Dean.

Devil In A New Dress” is produced by Bink!, with additional production by Mike Dean.

Runaway” is co-produced by Emile, Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean.

Hell of a Life” is co-produced by Mike Caren, No I.D. and Mike Dean.

Blame Game” is co-produced by DJ Frank E, with additional production by Mike Dean.

Lost In The World” is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.

Venice Art Crawl: Thursday Nov 18th

Whatup Westside Riders!

You know what time it is…Venice Art Crawl.  Every Third Thursday.  Which is…tonight 6-10.  Click Image for Website and Map

 Let’s Get It!


Venice Art Crawl

Venice Art Crawl (click for website)