SwitchFlip Media: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sisters & Bredren,

SwitchFlip is extremely proud and honored to celebrate our 3rd Birthday this week!   Born from the original business “Elix-R Entertainment” in 2006, Damon Howard relocated from the Suburban Philly area to sunny Venice Beach to bring entertainment marketing and music production/promotion to the Westside of Los Angeles.  As the business model organically transformed with the rise of Social Media, our entertainment blog became the “voice” of  SwitchFlip’s movement in 2009.  The newly named SwitchFlip utilized it’s Web Development, SEO and Design skills from various experience working with companies such as The Design People, imForza Internet Marketing, and Smarter Social Media.

Staying true to Damon’s original vision and expertise in music and art, SwitchFlip’s branding and passion tells it all.  Our head honcho’s original “claim to fame” ignited as a sponsored skateboarder (hence logo, G&S, ESA) and signed musician (The Verge, NYC).  “D-How” is now blending his distinctive style & flair into the world of entertainment media. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog over the past 3 years, and continue to support our internet marketing, social media and music production/event promotion services.   Much love to our fanbase and followers…without you, this boat could’ve never set sail. Raise a glass and toast to us this weekend wherever you are!

Cheers & Salutations,

-SwitchFlip Media

SwitchFlip's 3rd Birthday! 2012


Lana Del Rey: Born To Die (Official Video & Live)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

It’s no secret that everyone and their step mother’s anticipating the full length debut album by  Lana Del Rey. “Born To Die”  is slated to hit cyberstores & mega-marts this January 30th, 2012 on Interscope RecordsSwitchFlip posted the video teaser a few weeks ago, but now we finally get to see the official video release.  In true “LA fashion”, we have to represent our hometown girl and also include her live performance recently at Chateau Marmont (sponsored by English design label Mulberry).


“Born To Die” at the Chateau Marmont in LA (sponsored by  fashion label Mulberry).

Jay-Z & Kanye West: “Otis” (official video)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Throne Week has been bonkers, so let’s end it on a high note w/ the official video for “Otis”.  Did they really “Mad Max-ify” the Maybach into a dune buggy?  The Dynamic Duo  just took the typical rap video (expensive cars & women) to a whole new plateau.  Plus, as real “Gents” do, the car’s auction proceeds go to the  East African drought disaster.    Are you familiar w/ the drought disaster? Now that’s “Balleriffic Black Excellence”!


Jay-Z & Kanye West: "Otis" Video

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie video shoot in Venice CA

Happy Friday Earthlings,

This is why I love where I live….you never know what’s gonna happen on any given weekend in Venice Beach.  The “Chili Peppers” invaded our backyards 2 weekends ago, and shot this video on the rooftop of Venice Paparazzi!  Their 4-year hiatus was well worth the wait for us locals.  Total Guerilla Marketing style..a rooftop bumrush ala U2. SwitchFlip Certified. Their new album “I’m With You” drops at the end of the month.  Anyhow, we’ll let Edizen tell the story….check it out!


Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest

Whatido Wurld,


The highly anticipated theatre release of the hip hop documentary “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest”  hits the big screen in selected major cities tomorrow (Friday July 8th).  After rave reviews at film festivals such as Sundance, there’s been so much controversy between the group (ATCQ) and Director Michael Rapaport that the beef between them releasing the Hip Hop Doc is a story within itself.  But anyway, with the dust settled, this movie will surely pull at the heart strings of us who grew up on supergroups like this in hip hop’s hey-day.  Be sure to check it out the Sony Pictures release: SwitchFlip Certified fo sho!


The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest