The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West): No Church In The Wild

Sisters n Bredren,

Here’s the official release to “No Church In The Wild” from Jay-Z & Kanye West’s 2011 mega-hit album Watch The Throne.  The visual imagery compliments the song in high cinematic fashion.  Filmed in Prague last month by director Romain Gavras, you get the classy European artwork mixed with the rough rebellion street fight.  We think it’s stunning how Gavras tells the story of the song without including Jay, Ye & Frank Ocean (who sings the hook).  If you are planning an overseas trip this summer you can catch Grammy Award winning super hero duo continue on their European concert tour.

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The Throne: Ni**as in Paris

Whatagwan Kinfolk,

Okay, so here it is.  The Throne shot their official video for the club-banger “Ni**as in Paris” at their ridiculous 2-day sold out stop at Staples Center here in LA.  There’s a photo sensitivity disclaimer on this, so epileptics are warned.  Stylistically, this is a fantastic reinterpretation of being at the concert on psychedelics!  Jay & Ye definitely ran things in 2011.  It’s been confirmed by the group that they are ready to put out another album as well as solo releases for 2012.  With over a decade of creative synergy, excellent marketing and brand management, and obviously great respect for one another, there’s no telling what stratosphere they’ll take us this year.

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Bad Meets Evil: Lighters & Life in The Fast Lane

Eminem & Royce the 5’9 are definitely in the same league as Jay-Z &  Kanye West when it comes to pure mic skills.  Here at SwitchFlip we have a lot of conversation about the best SuperDuo out at the moment.  The Throne was definitely “televised” last week.  Jay & Ye killed the internet & radio airwaves, as well as the music & sales charts (now officially “Gold”, selling over 600K copies in 2 weeks).  After all the dust clears, let’s see what you decide.  Here’s Bad Meets Evil’s latest video “Lighters”, which may go way in the pop direction but is a strong song, which will climb the charts so they can actually be a contestant to Watch The Throne.  If you need a lil more boom bap and lyrical dexterity, then I’d suggest peeping this first single (below) “Life in the Fast Lane” again from the beginning of summer.  Who do you think’s the strongest SuperDuo, The Throne or Bad Meets Evil?  Let us know your thoughts….


Jay-Z & Kanye West: “Otis” (official video)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Throne Week has been bonkers, so let’s end it on a high note w/ the official video for “Otis”.  Did they really “Mad Max-ify” the Maybach into a dune buggy?  The Dynamic Duo  just took the typical rap video (expensive cars & women) to a whole new plateau.  Plus, as real “Gents” do, the car’s auction proceeds go to the  East African drought disaster.    Are you familiar w/ the drought disaster? Now that’s “Balleriffic Black Excellence”!


Jay-Z & Kanye West: "Otis" Video

Jay-Z and Kanye: Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne (Click to Stream)

Whatitdo Wurld,

Here at the SwitchFlip Headquarters, we had to take the first half of the week to let all the “hoopla” settle before diving into a review for this Epic Mega-Star Collabo, appropriately titledWatch The Throne.  As musicians and artists first, SwitchFlip crew sat down w/ this album and threw it into repeat rotation to see if it was what we hoped for.  We were not let down, as Jay-Z and KanYe West present another piece of work that takes the genre to another level!  The assortment of producers on this album makes it refreshing (RZA, Q-Tip, the Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Pete Rock, No I.D. etc) , as all the songs are individual soundscapes.  Jay n Ye sharpened their lyricism on each record to address all the issues of their collective plight and make an honest album depicting the dichotomy of dual heavy crowned kings sitting on The Throne.  We crossed our fingers, knocked on wood, and they delivered. A few of our personal faves are “New Day”, “Welcome to the Jungle” “Otis” “Murder to Excellence” & “Who Gon Stop Me”, but there’s something for all of our moods. Plus it depends if you have the deluxe issue or not (“Illest Motherfucker Alive” is bananas)  Anyhow, I’ll let my good peeps over at ESM and FreshNerd give you a review and the whole album to stream.  

SwitchFlip Certified….Watch The Throne.


Jay-Z and Kanye in studio creating “Watch The Throne”