Eminem new video single: “Beautiful”

Hey Peeps,

What’s shakin’ like a tamborine, yo?! It’s another summer weekend, so I thought I’d hit you off with a couple of bangers for the soundtrack of summer 2009. Most of you know how I roll; I keeps it real at the Beaches, but one foot is always “Entertainment Industry Affiliated”.

Here’s a new video by my homies Director Anthony Mandler and Asst Director Jonas Morales (yes, Jonas, from college…those who always ask). They are on a summer 2009 whirlwind of video work for Jay-Z (D.O.A), Maxwell, etc. Puttin’ in mad work! I might have to take my web development gig on the road w/ these guys next time….it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. LOL.

Anyhow, They shot it in the “D” (Detroit). This is Em paying homage to his hometown, trying to uplift them in these terrible times. Really cool contrast that actually relays to the message of the song really well. Enjoy!

ZAMBEZI & The SwitchFlip Crew

PS: Shady News–Em, well Marshall Mathers, will appear in an upcoming comedy featuring Adam Sandler Too! See this link after video if you love Em.



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