Rock The Bells Concert 2010: Sickest Lineup

Rock The Bells LA 2010


Whoa Whoa Whoa, wait a minute.  Did you actually read this bill for the Rock The Bells Tour? I mean…the giants doing their classic albums in their entirety?  Wow. Wow.  And it’s this friday, here in Cali?  Plus the rest of the acts are heavy hitters too!

Check it–and I repeat..they are doing the entire albums.

Snoop Dogg and crew performing “Doggystyle

A Tribe Called Quest performing “Midnight Marauders

Wu-Tang Clan performing “..36 Chambers” w/ ODB’s son Boy Jones filling in for his late great pop.

Rakim performing “Paid In Full” (not gonna ask about Eric B….staying drama free)

KRS-ONE performing “Criminal Minded” wow

Slick Rick & DJ Premiere (of Gang Starr) performing “The Great Adventures Of“…..haha uncle ricky

and then (yes, and den) you got a slew of killers performing as well…just check the bill and/or click the image to peep their website.

AND…for you ladies….Lauryn Hill is BACK too?? Sheeeeeeiiiitttt!

Who’s Going? Let’s Ride….holla!



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